Tribe Head (Community Sherpa)

💥 Where will you spend your time?

    • Envision, implement and execute programs (on discord and social) to engage users. Set up community engagement initiatives, decide on content cycles and other engagement activities. In short, establish the day-to-day rhythm of the DaoLens community.
    • Provide a highly organized, personalized and optimized Discord experience for people joining our projects which may include developing and coordinating unique programming in the form of Discord town halls, AMAs and more.
    • Organize various community-building initiatives to cultivate and grow participation in community forums.
    • Monitor and analyze community growth metrics to ensure community engagement, retention, and satisfaction.
    • Work closely with Product, Customer Support and Marketing to develop appropriate communications and campaigns for community building and engagement.
    • Collaborate with external stakeholders such as social media influencers to build a community of brand ambassadors
    • Address community concerns with patience and understanding
    • Organize and manage teams of passionate community volunteers who will help drive and coordinate collector experiences across social channels.
    • Solicit, organize, and contextualize insights and feedback from community members for relevant business functions.
    • Hire the right team to scale our Community efforts.

🙋What makes you a good fit?

    • The ideal candidate is a Web3 native, is active on and understands Discord/Twitter and has proximity to launches around new tokens and DAOs.
    • Extensive and evidential experience of working with Discord is a huge plus.
    • High degree of comfort translating complex tech and business concepts into clear and engaging writing with a strong, consistent voice
    • Previous experience of 2 years or more as a Community or Marketing Leader for a product with a fanbase.
    • Knowledge of all facets of community growth and engagement including outreach, activities & programming, and moderation
    • Your wit, humour, quirkiness and meme superpowers to create great quality content.
    • Terrific communication, creation and delivery skills.
    • Experience in SEO, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn Marketing
    • Ability to operate with some degree of ambiguity with a bias to action.
    • Previous work experience doing growth and marketing at an early company. A bonus if you’ve been in a Product Marketing Manager role.
    • A self-starter mindset mixed with deep enjoyment of collaboration.
    • A passion for listening and learning from users.

👀 What process do we follow?

    • The whole process is designed so that it can wrap within 2 weeks
    • Application: We will keep it simple. You can apply directly through this link. All we ask for is a Resume and a couple of lines around the motivation for the position you are applying for. Additional Portfolio links such as Github, Medium or a Personal website are welcome but not mandatory.
    • Screening: We will screen your profile and get back with a decision within 72 working hours.
    • Interviews: We will have two rounds of interviews. Round one (30mins) will focus on getting to know each other better and identifying if this could work for both of us. Round two (60mins) is a technical round where we will review your prior experience and discuss how you would solve a problem we will introduce on call.
    • Meet the Team: Culture-Fit is essential for both you and us. So we always go the extra mile, and you will meet other colleagues on the team who you would be work with. Here, you could discuss questions around culture or other things you might be interested in given a new role.
    • Offer Rollout: If all looks well, we will pop a bottle of champagne.
❤️ Well Being, compensation and how we behave when no one is watching?
We care about your well-being. Along with excellent health insurance, we offer flexibility to work how you want to. We push for physical well-being and in addition to internal health sessions, you get a complimentary annual gym membership.
We assign dedicated work hours exclusively to learning & development initiatives. We respect your weekends and in terms of work hours, we believe in deliverables over anything else. We regularly host team-building sessions, off-sites and encourage discussions around mental well-being and physical well-being over everything else. Most importantly, when our chips are down, we behave the way a family would.
We admire talent and believe in rewarding people for their inputs. We understand that compensation is an important factor. Our compensation will be respectful to your situation, and the whole process will be transparent from the very minute we speak to you.
Most of us have grown up in a meritocratic culture where actions speak louder. We grew up saying yes to a lot of things outside of our comfort zone and we want to maintain the same without any compromise. When actions speak, we love to celebrate and amplify bold moves. We don’t have answers to a lot of questions and when we falter, we will acknowledge our missteps. There are no closed doors in the way we work. At the end of the day we are human beings and we will ensure that you can proudly call DaoLens your home.
🍰 What gives you brownie points?
You demonstrate learnability. The founders have spent their years building things mostly independently and at times relying on the collective hive mind of peers. If you are willing to learn and dare to say yes to things that lie out of your comfort zone, you’ll love the growth and transformation.
⛓ Do you need to know Web3 and Blockchain?
Not necessarily. At the end of the day, human beings are the same. Web3 is a new way of doing things with brilliantly put socio-economic angles. At DAOLens, as long as you are curious and intrinsically driven to learn stuff, you should be good.
🏡 Where will you work from?
We are operating out of Central Indiranagar, Bangalore. Do you have to come to the office everyday? No. It’s entirely on you. But when we sit together on a table, we move mountains. So you will be required to show up time and again. That said, we respect your preferences and would be happy to chat.
🌟Why we are building DAOLens?
We spoke to some 300+ founders building in Web3 before jumping into building DAOLens.
Firstly, we resonate with the hypothesis and the philosophy behind DAOs. DAOs bring a unique social economic graph to communities and in the long run every corporate, every community, every group will get structured into a DAO.
Secondly and most importantly, 75-80% of these random 300 Web3 founders that we spoke to are actively making efforts to structure their organisation as a DAO. Lastly, most of us here are SAAS nerds and out of all the emerging pillars we see in Web3, DAOLens is a way of us capitalising on whatever we have done best over the years.