Systems Developer

Who are you?

You are an awesome programmer, a systems and security enthusiast. You have a special love for technology and figuring out how things fit together. You have a knack for building secure systems or breaking them down, either way is great.

You will be working with us and industry leaders across the world to build the next generation infrastructure for edge computing. We are not just deploying applications on cloud, we
are building the decentralized cloud for the future.


• Develop on the Core Infrastructure for secure & distributed edge computing.
• Design the system and architecture of the core systems services.
• Design + develop the network and communication protocols for the core infrastructure. • Design + develop the security protocols & ensuring the robustness + reliability of system. • Work closely with Mobile/Web development teams for creating library/SDK bindings.
• Integrate and scale the distributed infrastructure to run securely over billions of devices. • Improve + maintain the performance of developed libraries and system.
• Represent NimbleEdge in conferences and talks across the world.

Key Skills:

• Worked on an open source project, or are excited to do so.
• Exposure to designing, building and operating large-scale cloud-based infrastructure components.
• Experience with virtualization and/or one or more leading cloud providers.
• Experience with languages like Golang, Java/Scala or C/C++.
• Empathy for the people operating, learning, teaching and supporting software you write, and consider their experience when making design decisions and performance, security or complexity tradeoffs.
• Curiosity for academic computer science research, particularly distributed systems papers, and enjoy learning more about the challenges of consistency at global scale.
• Working knowledge of industry best practices with regards to information security is a plus.
• Familiarity with service-oriented architectures and actor models is a plus.

If you can communicate well and work methodically as part of a team, we’d like to meet you.