Software Engineer – React Native

We’re looking for driven and enthusiastic individuals. We want you to be comfortable being open to feedback and making rapid improvements; to enable and empower your peers; and finally, we want you to learn. Jar isn’t paying you just to work, but also paying you to learn – you’re bringing and taking something from the table.

What is Jar?

Jar is a savings app that helps its users save daily in the form of digital gold — we wish to help Indians rediscover the long-term benefits of habitual daily savings in an era where instant gratification is king.

Jar was founded by Nishchay AG, former director and founding member at mobility start-up Bounce, and Misbah Ashraf, founder of community-focused e-commerce platform Marsplay.

What does Jar do?

Jar is building a micro-wealth management platform, one step at a time — starting with micro savings, financial literacy, micro investments, and encouraging people to habituate the act of saving.


    • Maintain code to ensure the product is of the highest quality.
    • Use native APIs for integrations with both platforms.
    • Working with third-party dependencies and debugging dependency conflicts.
    • Ensure the reliability of the system by writing extensive tests.
    • Review code written by fellow colleagues.
    • Analyze performance issues in the system and understand how to alleviate them.
    • Debug production and development issues with other members of the team quickly.


    • You have worked extensively on React native, Redux, Redux Saga, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
    • You are proficient in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model.
    • You understand REST APIs, the document request model, and offline storage.
    • You have strong UX/UI design exposure and experience in making apps work intuitively.
    • You are experienced in developing RN app for IOS and Android platform.
    • You are familiar with versioning tools such as Git, Github.
    • You regularly perform code review, app security and testing.
    • You have experience working with agile software methodologies.
    • Experience working with Typescript, Web Sockets and Code push is a plus.
    • Crash analysis and performance monitoring for react native apps is a plus.
    • You are a very strong communicator. You are excited to explain complex technical concepts and share your knowledge with different audiences.
    • You are curious about how things work. When some code breaks, you are eager and able to help fix it.
    • You hold yourself to a high bar of craftsmanship.
    • You’ve some exposure of building large scale financial systems professionally and can point to things you’ve worked on.
    • You write code that can be easily understood by others with an eye towards clarity and maintainability.

Why join Jar, you ask? 
Jar is a diverse and inclusive workplace which embraces ideas and perspectives of all employees, and recognisestheir efforts and contributions regardless of gender or ethnicity. Our workspace also boasts a great blend of youth and experience, which helps us maintain a transparent culture with no micromanagement. We also have flexible working hours, and provide medical insurance to all employees.