Senior Product Owner

About the role

Core Responsibility will lead to the consumer-focussed approach to our trading platform. The role requires us to be the voice of our consumers, champion the consumer proposition, and go the expert for consumer knowledge in the Gaming/trading domain.

As a product lead, you will sit at the intersection between business, tech, and User experience and guide an agile, multi-disciplinary effort. Some key area of ownership would be

  1. Payments
  2. Support
  3. Drop off funnel improvements
  4. Content recommendation
  5. Design prototyping and feature releases
  6. Lead new initiatives like crypto, international expansion etc.
  7. Improving UX of app
  8. Notification systems

As an industry, Tradex is carving out a niche audience from traders and real money gamers and building something new which haven’t been done before. The most important aspect of finding the right product experience to make this new intersection a separate industry going forward will require deep innovative thinking and a game-changing attitude. This is all about creating something new rather than pasting existing models into new geographies.

Understanding the needle movers for user experience and product lead growth by decluttering the noise and keeping the vision of the company aligned, will require a very meticulous and structured approach to the product roadmap.

Leading a continuous discovery process from users and industry and aligning the business and tech team in that direction is the key to success in this role.

Understanding and experiencing high-frequency consumer product cycles is critical. Sense of Responsibility to treat the product as its own baby is fundamental for this role.

About the interview

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about YC’s interview process.

Here at Tradex, we’re looking for a smart product lead who lives by consumer experience, analysing data, believe in experimentation, and exhibits a strong sense of ownership and autonomy. We try to ask questions that are relevant to the industry we are in. Below is what to expect in our interview process. If you have questions, email us at

1-day process with 3 steps. Discussion with Co-founder directly Assignment to test market research and event formation skills. Discussion with another co-founder is the last step. If everything looks good, we roll out the offer the same day.

Why you should join TradeX

TradeX is building the future of predictions. We believe that by equipping people with the platform to express their opinions, we will be helping the world capture collective wisdom to make impact decisions.

TradeX is founded by engineers from IIT Roorkee & IIT Delhi, with 10 years of experience in building digital consumer products. If you like trading, data, gaming & gambling, you will love working at TradeX.

💡 What we’re looking for is Speed, Passion, Attention to detail, Get it done attitude, Long term & 1st principal thinking and lastly team player with ZERO insecurities. Learning opportunities will be huge.