Quantitative Researcher and Trader

About the role

TradeX is a trading exchange like NSE/BSE but in the predictions market. We are enabling people to express their opinions and trade directly on the outcome of a future event. At TradeX, we are building a mass-market product with high social engagement as people like to discuss their opinions on movies, TV series, politics, sports, current affairs, economics, and many more topics.

TradeX is founded by engineers from IIT Roorkee & IIT Delhi alums with 10 years of experience in building digital consumer products. If you like gaming or trading, you will love working at TradeX.

As a Trader, you will be using a combination of data analysis and a deep understanding of how markets operate to optimize execution of trades, manage risk, and adapt strategies to unexpected market conditions. We are looking for someone with 2-5 years of binary options trading experience. We’re scaling, which means your role will evolve and grow with the company; your initial attack threads would include:

  • Developing forecasting models to forecast the probabilities of different events happening across a wide range of topics, such as economics, international relations, health, and weather and climate.
  • Developing algorithms to allocate liquidity on TradeX according to the outputs from the forecasting models and the trading activity on the exchange.
  • Working with the engineering team to ensure the forecasting models and algorithms are implemented correctly and efficiently.
  • Analyzing past market-making activity and identifying ways to improve the models and algorithms based on the trading evidence.
  • Past experience of market making in derivative products in any exchange with multiple strategies is a must

Why you should join TradeX

TradeX is building the future of predictions. We believe that by equipping people with the platform to express their opinions, we will be helping the world capture collective wisdom to make impact decisions.

TradeX is founded by engineers from IIT Roorkee & IIT Delhi, with 10 years of experience in building digital consumer products. If you like trading, data, gaming & gambling, you will love working at TradeX.

đź’ˇ What we’re looking for is Speed, Passion, Attention to detail, Get it done attitude, Long term & 1st principal thinking and lastly team player with ZERO insecurities. Learning opportunities will be huge.