Product Support Associate

What is the Role?

You will be the face of Pando to our customers – their main point of contact for everything they need. From a question about a Product Integration to troubleshooting a bug so they can process an urgent shipment, you are the product expert that can help them with anything and everything.

What are the Responsibilities?

  • Become a functional product expert – you will be the go-to resource for understanding how our product works
  • Provide Level 1.5- Level 2.0 technical support to our customers (technical)
  • Enhance technical capabilities of the Customer Support Team
  • Partner with our Engineering team to find and fix bugs before they impact our customers
  • Identify and recommend process improvements to deliver the highest level of customer services
  • Proactively provide feedback to our product team about product improvement opportunities
  • Work in coordination with customer success team to provide product-based support to them
  • Follow standard procedures for proper and timely escalation of unresolved issues to the appropriate internal teams
  • Educate and support all internal users by passing on product knowledge so that users become less reliant on support
  • Provide high quality support via phone, email and chat, helping our customers troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise
  • Provide product training demos to internal and external customers
  • Perform UATs on product releases

    What are the requirements?

  • 2 to 5 years of hands-on support experience with global customers in the product support space
  • Excellent listening, verbal and written communication skills. Hindi knowledge is an add-on
  • Ability to extract, analyse and report on data; knowledge of database tables SQL
  • Demonstrated technical knowledge –familiarity with cloud software and developer tools, and are eager to learn new skills
  • Knowledge of common data formats such as JSON and XML preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot complex issues and find resolutions
  • Customer-first attitude with strong sense of empathy and excellent follow-up skills
  • Working knowledge of ticketing systems preferred
  • Knowledge of web services, APIs preferred
  • Open to work in night shift and/or weekend shift as required
  • Experience in SaaS or other tech start-ups a plus

What is Pando?

Businesses don’t just sell products; they make promises. We believe that it should be easy for them to deliver on these promises. And, when we noticed that the way businesses manage their deliveries is broken, we decided to fix it.

Pando’s vision is that moving goods will be as simple as people moving, that delivering something will be as digital, delightful and data-driven as buying something online. Imagine if companies could source, track, and pay for deliveries, with just the click of a button – irrespective of size, industry or location – the way you order books online. And imagine if size was no deterrent to trade – big or small, businesses could deliver on the promises they make. Wouldn’t that be really cool? Instead, even large businesses spend huge amounts of time and money and the hundreds of back and forth calls, emails, and people to manage their deliveries. And SMEs simply can’t afford it!

Easier deliveries = lesser costs, lesser work and lesser heartburn for everyone. But more importantly, easier deliveries = more open, transparent and free trade (and, that means cheaper and better products for all of us, and better value for everyone!)

At Pando, we are building the world’s first open-market, digital, delivery management platform that helps some of the world’s largest businesses in the white goods, chemicals, paper, FMCG and textiles industries digitize and optimize their delivery operations for their customers. Our products are also used by hundreds of small and medium sized transporters to access more business, easier credit and better efficiency.

BUT WAIT: Pando is not just another enterprise SaaS company, though – through our tools, Pando is also creating a social, and economic network of delivery stakeholders that are interdependent, on a single trust-platform; potentially, the largest such network that we have has ever seen. This growing network of commerce powers collaborative advantage, over competitive advantage, and helps unlock value for all involved. Eventually, Pando will become the OS for Trade, fundamentally disrupting the way goods are delivered, and altering the very core of any economy – to ease and enable commerce, through digital deliveries.

And that’s a vision we believe is worth fighting for.

Why work with Pando?

We are a global team of entrepreneurs, designers, inventors and developers who have built great products, and led global teams at I2, Dell, Sandisk, Mckinsey, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Flipkart, Yahoo, Amazon, Gracenote, Honeywell, Airbnb, Shadowfax, and other great

companies. We are backed by Sandeep Singhal at Nexus Venture Partners, Lak Anant at Next47 Ventures, TCM at Chiratae Ventures, Girish Mathrubootham at Freshworks, Nishant Rao at LinkedIn & Avatar Capital, Kashyap Deorah at Hypertrack, P Balaji at Vodafone, and Saikiran Krishnamurthy at Flipkart. We are also supported by an Advisory Board of veterans in India, the Europ and the Valley, who have built, invested in and led startups, public corporations and everything in between, and done it well.

We are supported by Yale University, and Cambridge Judge Business School. Our offices on Bazullah Road, in Chennai, Residency Road, in Bangalore, BKC in Mumbai, and Robinson Road in Singapore are fun, open work-spaces that foster collaboration, inspire creativity and enable world-class talent to thrive among like-minded folks, to build out our shared vision. At Pando you will be challenged to do hard things that you have not done before, and learn to work with limited resources to solve hard problems that will touch lives tangibly, everyday.

What’s the culture at Pando?

The culture at Pando is simple. It is a mandate.

Run your business* as if:

  1. You are the sole owner of your business
  2. This is the only asset you own
  3. You can never sell or merge this business in a hundred years.