ORM Manager

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Customer Retention/ Feedback-Resolving each query raised on Social platforms. Playing role of mediator between the customer and our internal team. get the customers to share their feedback with us. try to get organic review for Play Store/ App Store.
  • Escalations-Handle all escalations that come on Social with coordination of the CS team and make sure to resolve each customer query. work on each type of escalation and make sure the issue is resolved , keep the customer posted and make sure sanity is maintained on our Social Pages.
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)- working on different Social platforms as mentioned below-

1- Twitter :Handle all engagement, customer Escalations & do Response Management always before TAT in the responses. Enusre issue is resolved as it comes on Twitter. Try to retain the customer if he is willing to leave the platform. Follow the similar Pattern for Twitter DM.

2: Facebook :Response management for all the comments on posts, DM’s & ads. Follow the TAT of 2hrs. Take up the customer’s issues and resolve it. Try to get organic reviews for play store and App store.

3- Youtube: Respond to each comment on every video. Customer escalations on the platform are requested to write to support and get the concern resolved. Doing follow up with the team on the same. Follow a TAT of 2 hours.

4- Instagram: Writing to all the comments & Dm’s. Help the customer with basic queries on Insta and help them to learn about our different products.

5- LinkedIn- revert to comments and resolve each query.

work on CEO’s Twitter Account.

  • Response Management- Respond to each comment and query raised on any Social Platform. Follow the TAT of 2 hrs. Making drafts and share it for Play Store & App Store.
  • Risk Management- During any system/ app glitch make sure to keep all the customers posted with the latest updates and try to maintain the sanity on our Social Pages.
  • Reporting- Preparing weekly report for CEO and Monthly Review deck.