Head of Growth

What we’re looking for

mewt is looking for a data-driven growth-oriented professional to join us to reach 1M MSMEs from the current 100k in the next 6 months.

Are you a resilient Head of Growth who is passionate about continual improvement and has a sound understanding of the customer attention and retention process?

we at mewt are seeking a Head of Growth that is both analytical and creative – a data-driven person that can use technology to build and manage a comprehensive marketing plan, while at the same time leveraging their keen eye for design to become the custodian of everything that makes our brand special.

💡 Who is head of growth?


  • Oversee all content that is put out by the brand.
  • Ensure consistency across all brand-related touchpoints.
  • Solidify our brand identity, and become the gatekeeper of our brand.
  • Liaise with immediate team and wider company pillars to ensure collaboration and understanding across the business.
  • Find new partnerships, both large and small, with a focus on growing the customer base.
  • Create and execute high-growth marketing campaigns.
  • Create and maintain the marketing plan, ensuring continual improvement using hard data.


  • 6+ years experience as a problem solver
  • Exceptional data-driven growth mindset
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Recent experience using email marketing software and ad platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Business Suite, Hootsuite, etc.
  • The ability to think deeply about marketing and brand strategy
  • Proven record of improving retention & thus A-class gameplay when it comes to growth with a clear understanding of various engagement & retention frameworks
  • Organized and self-sufficient to not be required to be spoon-fed & take ownership from 1st week itself


  • Health insurance with 100% premium covered extending to your parents/spouse
  • Office Cab
  • Annual company retreat & monthly team-outings

About Us

mewt is making business banking a no-brainer for MSMEs of Bharat.

Aiming to enable 80M+ MSMEs to do banking the best way possible.