Quintessential Innovation (Quin Design)

Graphic Designer


Quintessential Design (you can call us Quin) is looking for an outstanding Visual Communicator / Graphic Designer to add to our core team! We are looking for passionate, talented, and ambitious designers who are ready to get their hands dirty with real work that they can be proud of. It helps if you’re obsessed with bikes, riding or travelling.

We’re a passionate team dedicated to Essential Safety who are building products that help transform people’s lives. We’re looking for people who are excited about safety and technology, and how these together can make a difference in people’s everyday lives.


– Building a bad a** graphical and digital presence: develop creative concepts to drive brand growth and recognition.
– Content Creation: work with the team to create high quality visual media and lead digital products that wows our followers and wins us new Quintemen.

– Market research and analysis: know the competition, and help position Quin to stand out from the crowd.
– Add design thinking: work with our Engineers to visualize the best version of our products and prototypes.

– The everyday stuff: assist with and lead the daily design requirements and live projects


  • Push the limits of your own creativity every day Lead and develop visual and digital experiences for Quin’s requirements.
  • Get obsessed with visual design, and help Quin develop its presence proactively physically and digitally.
  • Help create the most visually compelling graphics and experiences.
  • Become an expert on everything related to safety and transport, and develop designs to impact users with convincing edutainment.
  • Lead and prepare digital design-focussed material that say “not another boring thing made by a ‘hip’ designer” from the first look.
  • Lead in bringing design thinking and techniques to the non-design teams, and help them conceptualize prototypes from the design perspective.


  • -Studied Graphic designing or Visual communication from a Design/Art college
  • A strong portfolio showing a variety of digital, graphic and visual design (professional experience is a plus point!)
  • Comfortability with the most relevant design tools and technologies (such as Adobe Creative Suite)
  •  A keen eye for details, trends and visual aesthetics.
  • Abreast with design fundamentals (like colour theory, typography, composition, etc.) and latest design trends
  • Excellent oral and visual communication skills like sketching, sketch-notes, story boarding, etc.
  • Internally driven to create only the best designs on a timely basis


    You are committed to the mission of making essential, simple, innovative and harmonious designs that improve people’s lives in practical ways and are aware that bringing a product to life requires tremendous effort and creativity. You welcome the challenge. You are a self-starter and take initiative on any projects assigned. You are not afraid to admit mistakes and you fix what you can right away.


    If you’re given the tools and the time to take on a few creative tasks, you’re already ready to dive in. You’re up for any creative challenge, and can’t wait to learn new skills. You love design.

    You are highly proficient in Adobe Suite, Sketch, Figma, etc. You are deep on the fundamentals like colour, composition, typography as well as on top of latest UX and interaction design trends, and thrive off of the unlimited creativity that your skills give you. You love being original, and hate copying or replicating.


    You’re the kind of person to have a notebook full of sketches because you ooze inspiration. You have a pet peeve for poor font choices, and bad alignment makes you dizzy with frustration because… well, you don’t trust low resolution images. You are excited by the possibility to experiment with communication creatives, and probably already have ideas that our company needs to create.


    Every part of creating phenomenal designs requires excellent communication skills. Whether it is communicating with your team to ensure a project goes smoothly, or designing marketing collaterals to reach riders, this skill is of paramount importance. You know how to be convincing, direct, and professional. You always see criticism as constructive.