Full stack integrations engineer

You will :

  • Be owning & building integrations to onboard protocols and DAOs
  • Spec-ing out technical requirements
  • Front end development – React / Next.js
  • Back end development – Node.js / GraphProtocol
  • Smart contract development – Solidity / Rust

Some sample projects :

  • Integrating Gnosis Safe for paying grants
  • Integrating Snapshot voting with core product
  • Integrating a decentralized notification system (email/messaging)
  • Adding support for Avalanche protocol by deploying new smart contracts and integrating relevant wallets

You’ll be the best fit if :

  • You have built numerous web2 projects
  • You’re curious about web3
  • You’ve built web3 projects prototypes
  • You’re a member of DAOs
  • You’ve contributed to web3 open source projects

Location – Remote