Full – Stack Developer

Job Description:
We are a growing start-up and are looking for a qualified full-stack developer to join our family. You will be responsible for the structure, maintenance, and design of the web-based dashboard and our website. You will be needed to create, maintain and add features to a user-friendly and professional web-based dashboard to appeal to more interactions with the client. You should be able to think independently and operate with a high level of autonomy. You will be working in a team and will be expected to discuss and express your ideas frequently and execute them for the dashboard to be appealing to all of our clients. You are expected to try and give the best and the most efficient solution to whatever problem or task is kept in your way.

● Create/improve dashboards of our product using React.js, Bootstrap, Redux
● Create/improve APIs using Python’s FastAPI
● Integrate Python APIs with the Frontend Components
● Optimizing the applications
● Design mobile-view
● Keep up-to-date with all the latest technologies
● Be interactive