Front End Engineer

What is Synth doing?

Synth is building a personal AI Assistant for knowledge workers.

So what problem are we solving?

Your colleague told you about this awesome idea, you came across an amazing article but were too meh to read it, there was an important WhatsApp conversation that you felt you could just always remember it. Well, your personal information is scattered all around on the internet and on different apps. Where is that relevant piece of information when you need it the most, you check your various apps, search your browsing history, your downloads folder, sighs, you can’t find it.

Well, our brain was never meant for storing so much information and more so remembering it.

What we’re building.

Hence, we are building an app that captures and summarizes all the relevant information you consume – text, audio, video in 1-click. The app makes it easy to search and retrieve the information you want, wherever you like. Our vision is to augment human intelligence for seamless understanding and recall of any information, to make fast decisions, and is driven by the ideas of pioneers in computing. We call it the mind for the mind.

Our product is in private beta right now and was among the Top 5 Products of the Day on Product Hunt and we are backed by Y Combinator.

Our spirit of doing things is the hacker way –

Why Join Us?

If you want to shape the future of how you can take control of the information you consume and augment human intelligence through AI, then join Synth and help us building the personal AI Assistant.

Whom we are looking for ?

We are looking for full stack developers who are pros at building and shipping native apps. They can take an idea and build the client side plus make it beautiful and performant, figure out the server side, get it working and deploy it and get it in the hands of the users.

  • Minimum 2-3 years of working full-time as a software engineer (we are happy to waive the experience criteria under certain circumstances)
  • Proficient with modern web development tools (git, GitHub, VSCode) & web technologies (VueJS, ElectronJS and GraphQL) with solid knowledge of algorithms and data structures to write great business logic (this is super important)
  • Use NoSQLDatabases (we will soon be transitioning to graph databases) to build flexible native apps
  • Use GraphQL to build efficient resolvers for frontend
  • Use serverless architectures (we are using AWS Amplify and Python for backend) using Lambda functions in AWS
  • Use WebRTC/WebAudio APIs to build streaming apps
  • Comfortable working with different kinds of APIs like Calendar API, Gmail API, WhatsApp Business API

Some of things that you will build

  • Offline first rich collaborative text editor with features like bidirectional linking
  • Integrating Calendar API, Slack API and Notion API with the app
  • Adding offline search functionality and support in the app
  • A chrome extension to read data from the browser and send to our desktop app
  • Refining existing business logic to cover edge cases
  • Transition to Graph Database from NoSQL database