Engineering Manager

In the Engineering Manager role, you will work directly with the founders and share the responsibility for driving the technology strategy while aligning with the short and long term goals of the business.

Roles & Responsibilities:

*Identify and lead the engineering solutions for the mid to long term challenges

*Prioritise and drive efforts b/w product development, core infra, decision engine, automation & maintenance

*Be a force multiplier for the existing team of 0-6yrs experienced engineers

*Bring best engineering practices into the team

*Running point on big projects/product features

*Getting hands dirty and digging into nastiest bugs when required

*Run team building, recruitment and process improvements

*Contribute to building alignment across cross-functional teams

Skills & Qualifications:

*Experience building and scaling a consumer product

*Experience running a size-able engineering effort

*Familiarity with multiple layers of infrastructure and application stack – UI, application layer, database

*Multiple stakeholders’ management

*Be excited about the power of technology to transform finance for the better!

We’re looking for someone who thrives in the early stages of a company, is able to think with clarity despite uncertainty and is self-driven.

You Get:

*Competitive Salary

*Employee Stocks Options

*Free Medical Insurance Cover

Our Tech Stack

NIRA was 1 of the 10 companies selected for the inaugural Techstars Accelerator in India. NIRA was also 1 of the 10 companies selected for Class III of the Google Launchpad Accelerator India. In 2020, NIRA was part of India finals of the AWS Startup Architecture Challenge.

The primary interface for our 25000 daily active users is our Android app written in Java. On the backend we have 100+ microservices with serverless deployment that handle the entire user services and workflow management from onboarding, data collection, decision engine, document processing, disbursals and collections. This is complemented with an internal nodeJS application for Operations workflow management. Our data science modules & decision engines are written in Python and deployed over serverless architecture as well. We have dynamoDB as our primary database, and AWS Glue based ETL architecture for our secondary database. Querying on secondary database is via Athena.