Quintessential Innovation (Quin Design)

Content Creator

Quintessential Design (you can call us Quin) is looking for an outstanding Content Creator to add to our core team! We are in search for an enthusiastic and dedicated content specialist to enhance our brand value. As the content creator, you will get to work with a best-in-class team of industrial, graphic and motion graphic designers, ideating and creating content for Quin, which will be published on websites, social media pages and beyond. The content creator will also be required to brainstorm and suggest new ways and platforms to increase the reach and impact of Quin’s message.

An Ideal Candidate will…

  • be on the toes to create visually appealing and groundbreaking content for Quin’s socials
  • have their fingers on the pulse of transforming trends on content ideation and execution
  • create new assets for the team to post, by sourcing and shooting your own photography, create motion graphics or short videos (typically from existing / new assets), make use of existing / self developed infographics and concept new ways to build Quin’s digital footprint
  • experiment and play around with content and strategize what’s best for Quin’s vision
  • engage viewers with informative, easy-to-follow, and intuitive instructional content (videos / posts / blogs etc.)
  • generate original ideas and develop fresh angles and perspectives for content executions.


  • Experience and expertise as a content creator in prior roles, creating strong and engaging content
  • Enthusiastic to create multi platform content – A solid understanding of digital visuals and social media platforms including, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Detail oriented work style with good time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities and work under high pressure deadlines.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to clearly communicate plans and solutions.


You are committed to the mission of making essential, simple, innovative and harmonious designs that improve people’s lives in practical ways and are aware that bringing a product to life requires tremendous effort and creativity. You welcome the challenge. You are a self-starter and take initiative on any projects assigned. You are not afraid to admit mistakes and you fix what you can right away.


If you’re given the tools and the time to take on a few creative tasks, you’re already ready to dive in. You’re up for any creative challenge, and can’t wait to learn new skills. You love design.

You are highly proficient in Adobe Suite and other digital creative tools required, well versed with using a professional camera for video and photo content. You are deep on the content creating fundamentals like look and feel of the content created, content composition, are always on top of latest visual content trends, and thrive off of the unlimited creativity that your skills give you.


You’re the kind of person to have a keen eye for detail, always on top of following the digital trends and finding more to do with limits you have. You have a pet peeve for incorrect post dimensions, glamourless grammar on the content, overuse of colors and words, bad alignment etc. which makes you dizzy with frustration because… well, you don’t trust low quality visuals. You are excited by the possibility to experiment with communication creatives, and probably already have ideas that our company needs to create.


Every part of creating phenomenal content requires excellent communication skills. Whether it is communicating with your team to ensure a project goes smoothly, or designing marketing collaterals to reach riders, this skill is of paramount importance. You know how to be convincing, direct, and professional. You always see criticism as constructive.