We are looking for a Business Analyst who will be the vital link between our information
technology capacity and our business objectives by supporting and ensuring the successful
completion of analytical, building, testing and deployment tasks of our software product’s
Roles &; Responsibilities:
 Ideation: The Product Lead solicits ideas for new products from others and
contributes ideas for new products. He/she collects information on new product
ideas, analyses new product ideas, and helps evaluate new product ideas.
 Market Analysis: The Product Lead maintains constant surveillance and awareness of
the market and has been able to effectively identify customer needs and trends.
 Competitive Analysis: The Product Lead maintains awareness of competitive
products, potential competitive products, competitors, and competitor capabilities.
 You will actively collect and analyse data on competitors and helps to organize this
data into meaningful information.
 He/she will organize or effectively participate in competitive intelligence efforts. The
Product Lead effectively uses competitive information in the development of a new
 Customer Sampling: The Business Analyst will proactively develop a plan for
collecting customer sample data early in the development cycle.
 Customer Need Analysis: The Business Analyst will develop an effective
understanding of the customer needs balancing the information collected, with risks
of not fully understanding customer needs and assessing.
 You will develop appropriate plans, marshals resources, and executes these
product changes, revised promotional plans.
 The Business Analyst balances out requirements with cost to maximize the value
proposition to the customer.
 The Business Analyst will contribute to develop and maintain product roadmaps
and other representations of the product line plan and strategy. Roadmaps and
related documents are up to date.
 You will work effectively with the project manager, helping to plan the project,
provide guidance, and monitor the project results.
 You will assemble needed information to support gate reviews and provides
critical analysis to help management make good decisions.
 During development, you will gather needed customer feedback from prototypes
or mock-ups and communicates the results of this feedback to the appropriate
team members.
 You will determine when actions are needed to upgrade, improve, revise or
reposition products, or when actions are needed to revise product promotional
programs and product pricing.


 Bachelor's degree in BTech or Management Studies and Certification in Product
 3-5 years of overall experience, with minimum of 2 years as Business Analyst in
an IT Product Company.
 Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams
 Advanced knowledge of Product Management.
 Good product roadmap management experience.
 Exposure to SCM, ERM or TMS tools.
 Good communication skills and team management.
 Proficiency with Mobile technologies, and IOT platforms.
 Data-analytics / AI / ML knowledge.