Backend Engineer

About the role

Work Description

  • Design and implement REST apis that talk to multiple data stores, optimize for low latency, monitor, handle errors, cache etc.
  • Write lots of SQL queries to support APIs, design relational db schema, do complex joins, build indexes, optimize queries with scale.
  • Design and implement reliable, fault tolerant distributed systems.


  • 2+ years experience or equivalent maturity in design/implementation of backend systems.
  • Love for writing code. Obsession for releasing code that works.
  • Demonstrated hunger for learning & self improvement
  • Humility in acknowledging mistakes and collaborating with a team of equals.
  • Comfort with working in a 10 member startup.


  • Kubernetes and/or dev-ops experience.
  • node.js experience.
  • Front end dev experience in React.js or Android native.

Why you should join FrontPage

At Frontpage, we’re building an exciting product at the cross section of social communication and financial markets. Millions of new traders and investors are looking to participate in financial markets. Frontpage harnesses power of community where traders and investors can connect with each other, share their ideas, and learn from each other.

More reasons below:

  • Huge Opportunity: The future of financial markets is social. The number of investors and traders are growing rapidly and are expected to be >100M in India.
  • USP: Financial community gives us better CAC, retention, network effects.
  • Resources: Y Combinator (YC S21) company. Backed by top fintech founder angels – Ashneer Grover, Lalit Kesre, Kunal Shah. Well capitalized.
  • Founding Team: Experienced product and tech entrepreneurs from IITs. Built social products before. Active participants in financial markets for a decade.
  • Culture: Honest. Passionate. Radically Transparent. Love our own work and expect everyone to love theirs. Beer and ideas are a commonplace.