goGlocal -

Backend Developer

Do you enjoy working behind the scenes to structure and develop mission-critical websites, applications, and layers of the infrastructure? Want to have an immediate impact on business success, as well as client experience? This is the role for those who design cutting edge scalable products.


  • 3-6 years experience with graduation from a reputed Institute.
  • Strong knowledge of designing and implementing python code using Django framework which efficiently and effectively interfaces with frontend code to transact data
  • Hands on experience with PostgreSQL and Rest APIs
  • Skilled in data structures, algorithms, modularization, OOP, microservices, and design patterns
  • Updated with all best practices, industry standards and existing open-source tools backed by the community
  • Self-starter, proactive hustler with ability to navigate independently and actively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Extremely detail-oriented, analytical and creative problem solver with the ability to propose innovative solutions to problems at hand


  • Deliver reliable solutions with complete ownership of problem-free execution of owned modules and solutions with high focus on code optimization, code quality, maintainability
  • Code and tests, build prototypes, solve issues, profile and analyze bottlenecks
  • Design and maintain robust APIs and cloud systems to support volumes of mobile and desktop clients
  • Develop automated tests to ensure business needs are met and allow for regression testing
  • Active participation in the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging and continuous improvement
  • Clean coding to develop functional web applications
  • Creating user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments
  • Collaboration with Front-end developers, designer and system administrators to integrate user-facing elements

Who are we ?

We are India’s only all-inclusive platform for all exporting needs. goGlocal is a global e-commerce exports enablement start-up that supplements Indian brands and sellers to reach millions of new customers via multiple international sales channels and provides solutions for hassle-free exporting. We are here to disrupt how brands sell internationally! Know more about us at www.goglocal.live . Having launched our MVP and successfully secured a pre-seed investment, we are now expanding our core team.

Wish to work in a high impact role in an early stage start-up ?

We are looking for proactive hustlers with an entrepreneurial mindset wanting to build a business from 0 to 1. If you are exceptional at what you do and can solve any problem at hand effectively then it’s a match !