Sr. Manager/ Associate Director, Technology

We are Mordor Intelligence, a rapidly growing market intelligence and advisory firm. Our  mission is to map complex business ecosystems across the globe to better predict butterfly  effects.

We are looking for a robust problem-solving individual with experience in handling the  whole technology division of an organization. You are responsible for using technology as an  enabler to our business growth. You will directly work with the CEO to understand the  company’s objectives and the role technology must play in achieving them. Most of the time, you will be architecting products and processes, setting up the best SDLC practices, creating  security & policy frameworks, and procuring tech infrastructure, be it hardware or software.


  • Understand the company, the products, and the technology objectives for the next 5  years. Lead entire technology division – Application Development, Analytics, Network  & Security, Procurement, and Tech Support.
  • Take the business objectives and convert them to tech implementation. Provide  technical leadership right from design to execution through wireframes, architecture  design, tech stack selection, and setting up functional & non-functional requirements.
  • Manage and execute the development from start to finish. Establish best practices for  building secure, scalable, and performant applications.
  • Organize and improve the existing processes that involve application development – such as the coding practices, Code QC, automated tests, auto-scaling, security,  redundancy, and the git workflow.
  • Setup a strong data protection framework. Build necessary infrastructure to monitor  and capture security incidents.
  • Set up the necessary infrastructure to help department heads take advantage of data.  The analytics division should suggest insights regularly to improve decision-making  across the board.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders from research, marketing, sales, and operations to  execute technology-driven initiatives.
  • Understand the technology requirements of every department and equip them  accordingly by procuring necessary hardware/software. Set up the processes to  manage the technology infrastructure and support systems to address queries and  issues.
  • Team Building- Hiring, training, and performance management

Required Skillset

  • 7+ experience in handling technology division end to end, preferably at B2B  companies.
    Experience in delivering large-scale projects right from scope & planning to project  management, execution, and deployment.
  • Experience building performant and scalable architectures for web applications.
    Good knowledge about JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB and any one of the frontend  frameworks such as React or Angular.
  • Knowledge about cybersecurity and the actions to be taken to mitigate the risks. • Good knowledge about the broad areas of IT management and operations.
  • Working knowledge of Database and application security, network architecture and  protocols, threat management, and designing redundant systems in case of failures.
  • Prior experience using CRM systems, analytical and marketing automation tools is a  bonus.