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2+ years

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August 29, 2022
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Social Media Executive

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● Developing engaging social media strategies.
● Managing social media platforms of the organization.
● Scheduling social media posts.
● Engaging followers with regular company updates.
● Creating brand awareness to gain audience attention.
● Overseeing Social Media teamwork.
● Responding to the comments on social media on time.
● Creating paid social media campaigns for advertising.
● Monitoring social media metrics and ROI.
● Analyzing social media trends.
● Assisting the HR department with hiring and training new employees.
● Preparing social media engagement and activities reports.
● Optimizing social media content effectively.
● Coordinating with Graphic Designer and other team members.
● Staying up to date with the latest social media advertising efforts and goals.

Requirement and Skills:
● Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Marketing, or a related field.
● Prover work experience as a Social Media Analyst, Social Media Strategist,
Social Media Executive, or a similar position.
● Demonstrate the ability to understand the engagement metrics and KPI’s.
● Excellent knowledge of research requirements for social media strategy.
● Sound knowledge of social media scheduling platforms such as Hootsuite, Buffer,
and others.
● Exceptional team management skills.
● Outstanding proofreading and editing skills.
● Strong oral and written communication skills.
● Ability to work for long periods of time as and when required.
● Sound knowledge of paid social media advertising.
● Ability to write catchy content.
● Excellent ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize them.
● In-depth understanding of various social media platforms and their algorithm
● Strong organizational and time management skills.
● Outstanding brand awareness experience will be preferred.
● A keen eye for details.

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Position: Social Media Executive

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